Narayanan, Computer Engineering, The browse media page lists recordings from available Matterhorn installations. Communicating the large and sometimes complex array of technology that the MPEG Committee has developed is not a simple task. The workshop session introduced the seven standards described above while the demonstration session showed 17 products based on these standards. Snoek co-promotor , James Z. Additional information of each award and recepient will be released in separate announcemrtns.

A list of current system adopters along with a detailed description can be found on the adopters page at List of Matterhorn adopters. Finally, within the application domain it may enable new use cases which are interesting to explore from a research point of view. Siqiong He , Software Engineer, Google sxh at psu. What is your main area of research? Proceedings are available online in open-access mode at http:

Xirong Li receives SIGMM Best Ph.D. Thesis Award 2013

Li’s dissertation titled “Content-based visual search learned from social media” as worthy of the award as it substantially extends the boundaries for developing content-based multimedia indexing and retrieval solutions.

The workshop session introduced the seven thesiz described above while the demonstration session showed 17 products based on these standards. Interestingly, his focus recalls the work done at MediaEval on the role of laughter in social video, see: Smeulders promotorMarcel Worring co-promotorCees G. What got you interested in this area in the first place?

Wang Group: Modeling Objects, Concepts, Aesthetics, and Emotions in Visual Data

As such, it wants to stimulate discussion and collaboration between institutions to develop and enhance the use of academic video. The fundamental question addressed in this thesis is: The core technology used is Apache Flex.


xirong li thesis

The standard also provides reference software as open source with a business friendly license. We hope to have SLAM organized as a satellite multimedia conferences in the near future and welcome bids for Since many years he is teaching full lecture courses on Multimedia Communications and other topics, now at ETH Zurich.

Xirong Li received the B. On the basis of the reported theories, algorithms, and experiments, this thesis has revealed the value of socially tagged images for content-based visual search, providing a theesis for uncovering universal knowledge on images and semantics.

xirong li thesis

Of course, we include also a variety of calls for contribution. For further information about MPEG, please contact: MediaEval believes strongly in collaboration and complementarity between benchmarks and we hope that this task will help us to better understand how joint-tasks should be best designed and coordinated. Jessica Miller, Psychology, When power levels are critically low, consumers may prefer to sacrifice their QoE for reduced energy consumption.

Opencast Matterhorn phases of lecture recording. A new task to watch closely this year is Search and Hyperlinking of Television Contentwhich follows on the heels of a very successful pilot last year. If you have difficulties to access one of these documents, please feel free to contact me. Finally, as users have xironv own associations with image semantics, we propose personalized image tagging by jointly exploiting personal tagging history and content-based analysis, optimized through Monte Carlo sampling Chapter 6.

Among the first acts of the new board was the call for bids for ACM Multimediaannounced also in this issue. This list is typically consulted by thesus academic institutions in China as a quality metric for PhD promotions and tenure track jobs.


The CfP solicits responses that use compact signaling to facilitate reduced consumption from the encoding, decoding and presentation of media content without any degradation in the Quality of Experience QoE.

Financial support, combined with low-cost organization within a university setting, made it possible to maintain very low registration fees, in particular targeting students. Additional information is available in [ 2 ].

xirong li thesis

To that end, we propose the neighbor voting algorithm Chapter 2 and its multi-feature variant Chapter 3 to verify whether what people spontaneously say about an image is factually in the pictorial content. In particular, it provides fresh new insights into the possibilities for realizing image retrieval solutions in the presence of vast information that can be drawn from the social media.

Jeffery Cao, Computer Science, Further information is available on the project website: A series of interesting tasks is currently underway in MediaEval Our Research Team group photos, is made up of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students. WhangKorea Adv. MPEG with multimedia will provide video clips containing overviews of individual standards along with explanations of the benefits that can be achieved by each standard, and will be available from the MPEG web site http: