Apply Online Our application is open. PhD For doctoral students the supervisory committee will be composed of at least five members or special members of the graduate faculty, one of whom will be from another institution and one of whom is from a different area than that of the student. Part of the qualifying examination may include the student’s demonstration of familiarity with and preparation for an independent research project on which the dissertation will be based. Activities will take place in Levin Hall on the Galveston Campus. Each citation must include the names of all authors, the name of the book or journal, volume number, page numbers, and year of publication.

GSBS Home page list grid. PhD Copies of the dissertation, unbound or electronic, shall be made available to the supervisory committee not less than three weeks prior to the final oral examination the defense of the dissertation to enable the members to evaluate its contents. We offer a variety of innovative training opportunities in the following areas, click here. Trauma among American Physicians. Verify Your Information Step 2: Click the following links 1 through 5 to play the YouTube videos. Qualifying examinations are not required by the graduate school for masters degree-seeking students.

Please check the deadline dates for submitting the application to candidacy.

This faculty person effectively becomes the unofficial supervisory professor. How to download powerpoint presentations on http: Admissions Instructions to Apply Online Application.

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

This should be done well in advance of the first date that the student wishes to register for dissertation or thesis. Niesel, please see the invitation below for the Commencement Ceremony of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

utmb gsbs dissertation

Review the following sections in the dropdown menu below: Format This research proposal should be typed single-spaced. It should be relevant and current.


utmb gsbs dissertation

Each student must jtmb an overall 3. Trauma among American Physicians. Failure to be admitted to candidacy by the end of the third term after successfully completing the qualifying examination is grounds for dismissal from the graduate school.

We can show you the path to a reasonably priced higher education. In addition, the work gwbs in the publication must have been carried out at the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Galveston or under the supervision of a member of its faculty.

You can also find more information on your program of interest from the program links and the school bulletin links provided in the individual school sections.

Information About Candidacy

MA, MS, MPH The supervisory committee for MA, MS, and MPH students is composed of at least three regular or special members of the graduate faculty, two of which are from the student’s program one being the supervisory professor and one of which has a primary focus different from the student’s.

Es esa vez otra vez felicidades! Gebs Shively, April 19,1: This includes, but is not limited to, admissions, employment, financial aid, educational services, access to facilities and services.

As a reminder, you can always approach these students at any time with questions, comments, and suggestions. After successful completion of the qualifying examination, uymb will be allowed to register for Research a maximum of three 3 terms.

While every attempt has been made to verify the accuracy of its content, UTMB cannot guarantee that chances have not occurred since the information was gathered and is not responsible for such changes. Admission to candidacy for all students requires the removal of all academic deficiencies; no student may be admitted to candidacy with an I, NR or failing grade F, WF or U on the transcript unless the deficiency has been resolved; the student may not be on probation.


After the final form of the dissertation or thesis has been approved by the supervisory committee, the student should submit to the graduate school office an electronic letter-perfect copy in PDF format, including all illustrations, for final approval of form before the dissertation or thesis is reproduced.

utmb gsbs dissertation

Society of Toxicology – U. Programs may require a minimum number of credit hours of course work before a student is eligible to apply for candidacy. Plan everything backward from this date. Take the elevator to t The student’s program director certifies successful completion of the qualifying examination by signing the application for admission to candidacy form.

Electronic Thesis & Dissertation

These students are here to serve YOU. Diversity and Inclusion The Office of Diversity and Inclusion ODI is charged with advancing UTMB as the educator, employer and provider of choice by promoting an inclusive environment that actively values diversity among students, faculty, staff, patients and the broader community.

A raised profile for your research institution Reduced costs for the student at the point of graduation since there is no need to have multiple copies printed. The on-campus members of the supervisory committee shall meet with the student at least two times per year before the defense of the dissertation.

It has figures, tables, footnotes, and references. Qualifying examinations are not required by the graduate school for masters degree-seeking students.