So I think just being here and making music probably means that I’m under less pressure than I was in the UK. More often than not, such romps through the grass are frothy, heritage industry affairs designed to be accompanied by strawberries and cream and not to be taken too seriously. Burroughs and Brion Gysin, Cabaret Voltaire also plundered from the art styles of Dada and Surrealism – even taking their name from the Dadaist club established in Zurich in by German writer Hugo Ball. Wrangler and Creep Show. It’s about the combination of words, the human voice and the processing. I guess the words from the album would suggest so.

When I was a little kid we had a Sparky’s Magic Piano which was like a prototype vocoder voice. In a lot of ways, this accounts not only for the enduring appeal of the industrial aesthetic but also helps to explain the fascination and use of analogue technology that characterises and drives the Wrangler material. The importance of this idea is something Mallinder is keen to highlight:. Similarly, when it comes to current affairs, Wrangler have been just as active in their attempt to distil the harsh reality of environmental decline and the subterfuge of political manoeuvring:. After revealing his fascination with various media and how that factors into his work, our final port of call considers the future of shared information: Cabaret Voltaire had come a long way from splicing tape in loft rooms and getting hospitalized at early Joy Division gigs.

And established Off World Productions in That’s our thing, that’s what we do. Academic Mallinder gained his Ph.

Then finally designed by Dan Conway who does our live visuals and projections. Tags What are tags?


stephen mallinder thesis

It’s a very divisive society and it’s a very unequal society and I think that’s what that industrial period recognised; the inequality between different places and different classes. Now here was Mallinder in a digital future which seemed to have caught up on itself.

Movement: Journey of the Beat – Very Good Plus

All created by the Wrangler family. He wrote the Preface for Assimilate: They have just released a new album “White Glue” released 23 September The major change was that samplers became the norm and it wasn’t just us that was using them, everyone was using them.

I think even more than ever we should be questioning power, control and individual liberty. Lists What are lists? Music inspired by Muriel Spark among 22 shows backed by Made in Scotland.

We don’t write songs.

It’s a natural thing, two bass players and a drummer in a band and two people who grew up during the time of electro and early hip hop. Last year, Wrangler took part in Cotton Panic!

We’re constantly looking in the rear view mirror cause it seems important to where we are now and it mallindee that with most people they’re trying to comprehend the past and it’s easier with hindsight.


As talk turns to the resurgence of what has now been enshrined as Industrial music, he apportions a certain sense of correspondence between the society he and many of his contemporaries were contending with and the present state of things:. The legacy that Cabaret Voltaire brings to mind is an inspiring albeit elongated one. Recent years have seen projects which seek to recognise the time in which Mallinder made his initial impact with the band.


Login to add to list. Biography Mallinder founded Cabaret Voltaire in Kirk has gone on to release a welter of material, both under his own name and numerous aliases including Sandoz and Blacworld. Kirk has gone on to release a welter of material, both under his own name and numerous aliases including Sandoz and Blacworld.

Dr Stephen Mallinder

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stephen mallinder thesis

In Conversation On radio, the changing face of Sydney and the evolution of a dream That would feel like I was imitating myself.

I still use found sources for installations and things like that but with Wrangler when we’re live its purely malllinder visuals that our visual guy, Dan Conway, does. It’s the same with the visuals aswell.

stephen mallinder thesis

mallijder It’s about the combination of words, the human voice and the processing. In the beginning there was industrial music. I find that I’m enjoying the interaction that music can offer rather than doing the solitary trip. He has worked with actor Janes Horrocks writing music, and performing, for theatre production “Cotton Panic” which debuted at Manchester International Festival in