How often do you think that your image has been captured by a surveillance camera? List two events in your life that require an action to be repeated. Ask students to interview an adult and ask, “What computing innovation has had the most impact on your life? Encourage discussion and debate, prod students to argue their point for or against intelligence, and get them to develop their own criteria and definition for intelligence. Have students work in pairs to discuss and answer the following questions. Problem Solving – Fraction Operations – Lesson 2.

Plan out what the key message is, what visuals will add the most value, and then craft the wording to fit within the 1 minute time frame. Question can be provided to students through a variety of formats including production of a Google form or using student response systems. How often does the action happen? Students share the two commandments they identified with partners and discuss why they choose the commandments they did. Model 3-Digit Numbers 2. If your students have little familiarity or experience with using Excel to compute statistics or generate plots, you may wish to extend this lesson to two sessions, and provide more scaffolding and instruction on the basic mechanisms.

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Remember, there are no “bad answers,” just ones that reveal different levels of understanding. Have a vote on the posters for most creative, most unique, best detail, etc. Students will develop a visual diagram of the processes involved in indexing the Internet by a search engine. As you are doing this, give students the “Pecha Kucha Student Handout. Encourage them to understand that each ledson these statistics can lesso useful in different situations, but may be misleading. Describe how the impact of social media and online access differs in two different countries.


Keep a tally of how many times you repeated the elapsedd. Encourage discussion and debate, prod students to argue their point for or against intelligence, and get them to develop their own criteria and definition for intelligence.

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Pre-lesson preparation Students must complete a pre-reading assignment the first chapter of Blown To Bits, which is available online or in the Resources folder. The first focuses on search engine algorithms and the impact search engines have on our lives.

Problem solving two and three dimensional shapes lesson Be able to identify formats used to represent numbers, pictures, audio, and video data. Create a piece of code that will rearrange the ranking of the teams in order to reflect the outcome of previous games. Summary Computing greatly affects the everyday lives of today’s teens, but many of them are not consciously aware of these influences.

Solve word problems that call for addition of three whole numbers whose sum is less than or equal to. Students describe and analyze shapes by examining their sides and angles. Students will research formal definitions of algorithms. What was your original plan or algorithm? Model Equivalent Fractions 9.

Extra Practice: Grade 4

Paragraph for homework that compares and contrasts an adult’s answer to their own journal entry answer after conducting a discussion with an adult at home.

This loom is considered to be an important to the development toward computer programing. Guiding the students toward understanding that the elsson of switches determines how many numbers can be represented.


problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Home Explore Go Math! Think about events in your life that require a repeated action. Students should include citations for information in parts 2A and 2C.

How have computing advances generated creativity in other fields? Students can investigate and implement such methods as fillspeed and others as described by the API documentation. The research and writing activity in this lesson sopving an opportunity to talk about copyright laws and emphasize that copied content must be credited to the rightful author or organization.

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Through presentations, videos, and discussion, students discover how technology has been changing and brainstorm ideas for how the next generation will have a different relationship with technology than the current generation.

It addresses Internet Security with issues inherent to Internet usage: A version of this worksheet can be found in the Lesson Resources folder, titled “Swap to the Top”. Select a tiem innovation – something recently in the news.

4th Grade Math – Nixon Elementary

How does computing enhance human communication, interaction, and cognition? Did this lesson help you comprehend the concept of the Internet as an entity that is comprised of both people users and objects or machines?

In this lesson, students will learn how using technology can enhance our abilities to solve larger and broader problems problem solving.