Many contemporary composers – a specially composed for percussion literature there since 20 Century – works composed for Peter Sadlo. That calls for greater skills in terms of multi-gripping, meaning another technique in hand. Due to the available methodical source, it is preferred for beginner studies. Miroslav Dimov keeps the Traditional grip alive together with a charming choreographical playing style, here in a very nice interpretation of the Scarlatti sonata K This site uses cookies.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It is the first of its kind and stays the cornerstone of independent mallet techniques. The interval changes in this grip could be quite problematic. The oldest of the double-mallet grips, the traditional grip, probably came about soon after the xylophone with the modern keyboard layout instead of the older longitudinal trapezoid layout of e. Connect your Spotify account to your Last. As I have mentioned before, Traditional technique is the most natural way of holding the sticks together. How exactly they work and given to 4 aspects, their good and bad sides.

In this case the performer has to have the ability to handle another technique in order to play different percussion keyboard instruments.

peter sadlo dissertation

There isn’t any historical evidence dissertaton an inventor, but could be said that this type of holding the sticks originates from the South American marimba customs.

Certainly, we can conclude that in the world of percussion, one does not only rely on one grip, but that more than one is necessary to serve the musical needs.

I think that every grip, despite of its strict or non-strict methodology, is a matter of personalization, due to our physical uniqueness. In he accepted a professorship for timpani and percussion at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, he was a professor at the Peteer in Salzburg appointed.


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peter sadlo dissertation

Using the traditional grip allows the player to put both mallets in the right hand next to each other and to use both mallets in the right hand for melodic purposes along with the inner mallet in the left.

Considered quite comfortable in the hand this technique is one of the best choices among the marimba players, on the other hand also for beginning studies. Not didsertation that grips fit to a keyboard percussion instrument, they fit to other settings such as drum setups.

The outer mallet is placed between the ring finger and the little finger and the little finger is wrapped around the shaft and assisted to stay in place by the ring finger. Thank you for being a friend.

From this moment on, explaining about every technique I will be referring to disseryation fingers the same way as the piano method. I have made a short questionnaire for my colleague marimba players and percussionist to answer in matter of marimba grips. What 4 mallet marimba grips there are, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Every picture below is in a right hand example. Notify me of new comments via email.

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For the purpose, I have decided to separate this chapter in 4 subgroups. First, learning traditional grip he realized that this way was not stable enough for the fast jazzy licks. You are commenting using your Google account. Revering to my discoveries trough the previous chapters, the two grips listed are probably the best option for marimba playing.

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After his separation from the Munich Philharmonic inhe appeared primarily as a solo drummer, often in chamber music cast, such as Gidon Kremer or the pianist Anna Gouraribut also with the percussion ensemble Nexus.


Numerous contemporary composers – a specially composed for percussion literature since the 20th century – composed works for Peter Sadlo, including Luciano BerioHarald GenzmerSofia Asgatowna GubaidulinaMoritz Eggert and Bertold Hummel.

The first version is the one used by Theodor Milkov in this YouTube video: Which means we can look into the sticks as an natural prolongation of the arm and that gives a great amount of depth in the sound.

This site uses cookies. The shaft-end is at the rear end of the palm and the middle finger is holding the shaft against the palm at the pwter of the thumb.

Due to its firmness and sharpness it is advisable that popular, jazzy and modern music should be played dissertaation this grip.

peter sadlo dissertation

Many contemporary composers – a specially composed for percussion literature there since 20 Century – works composed for Peter Sadlo. Burton published his own method book, explaining how the technique works.

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Watch the following video for one of the most humorous grip demonstrations ever: The Leach grip circa ssdlo Remember me on this computer. However, you do not have to apply them all, especially not at the same time. It is the first of the non-crossed or parallel grips. Djssertation and computer in live performance. See Appendix 2 I believe that the problems we might consider having with that grip or any other, will be fixed in the near future.