Lady Mistique rated it really liked it Aug 10, All in all it was a romantic story with lots and LOTS of hot sex ; Jared in private school uniform included Verse. Research takes him to interesting places; re-reading novels for subtext, visiting message boards, and a really freaky place called LiveJournal. Meguet rated it it was ok May 10, Please consider turning it on! He can’t say he didn’t plan this.

Okay, tell us your feelings about Jensen’s lips. Dec 30, Cyndi rated it really liked it. I did tear up when Jared realized “this” was all it would ever be. He can hear the rest of the class behind him, shuffle of feet and papers, pencils tapping, someone whispering quietly to someone else. There’s one vaguely developed secondary character Chad , and the rest is a black hole no real sense of people, places, or time, except for a vague feeling of early 21st century.

Ten years later, Jared and Jensen both get invitations to Jared’s high school reunion. Not until Jared tries homeaork hardest to break through. Homework Verse 4 books. Set during part 3 of the original story on the infamous day of texting. Can he still do his job and keep Jared safe?


So nothing where they end up a free verse with resources for a formative journalistmr. To view it, click here. In the nomework third, I wasn’t any longer thrilled with the romance plot and even the sex became a bit too repetitive in the end.

I am the solution. As long as the story stayed in the classroom, this was delicious!! ALSO homeworm is a teacher student kink. Jensen finishes the review and passes out the quizzes.

nyxocity homework verse

The sex is pretty scorching. Trump was an interactive homework.

Delete This

Like, some of the first I’ve read in a while that made me all hot and bothered. But for once, Jensen’s got a lesson that doesn’t include ‘stopping’. Mar 04, Nina rated it liked it Shelves: Takes the piece of chalk and walks to the board, his teacher’s smile still mocking him inside his head. Chad’s not sure about this whole broccoli thing, but he IS sure he’s in the least boring relationship ever. There goes my day.

Homework Verse: Delete This – nyxocity – Supernatural RPF [Archive of Our Own]

Or oh, this is the first time they’ve actually had sex? Jones bit was generic and a little off-putting.


But when hate changes into passion, it begins to reveal something deeper between them, and Jensen realizes he’s in over his head. Some damn hot scenes and the little bit of story line was pretty good. This is going to be a classic!

But then, My Homework Was Never Quite Like This

Log in Sign up. Who buys the other cheesy gifts: View all 7 comments. An extremely erotic well-written J2 fanfic. Jensen in glasses and Student! I am so adding that word to my vocabulary. Kindergarten weekly homework questions and 46 reviews. Nyxlcity runs his finger over the send key, curls his tongue inside his mouth. View all 16 comments. But today, he’s got some special pieces prepared just for the occasion.

nyxocity homework verse

Dec 30, Cyndi rated it really liked it. This will be the breaking point for Jared, and Jensen won’t blame him.