I have worked a lot of people, so it’s like a favor. To get out there in L. It was like that video of you with Busta. No, I’m dead ass serious. I remember I had done the whole Cam’ron Gangsta Grillz , all those tracks in a half hour. I’ve just been doing a lot, you know what I’m saying.

How do you juggle your DJ schedule with your producer schedule? He sat me down and was like, “Yo, we gotta work,” cause I was, you know, at the time, all over the place — going here and doing this, not really being focused. J Dilla – Sometimes instrumental. But like that song right there, that’s the beat I done the same time as — damn, that goes in the same time as ” Get It In Ohio. Now it’s the trap and the house and whatever, you know what I mean? I speak to the artists themselves. Because they don’t react to everything you play, so you gotta definitely cater to what they’re looking for.

Now you’re calling because so-and-so rapped homewwork a beat or whatever. It’s never no type of A couple years ago you told Pitchfork that you graduated from hip-hop. So to see someone actually making a success from it and having this visibility, I think, is very inspiring.

It’s not one place I haven’t been to. Like if hip-hop, on the business side, were structured in a way that just worked, if it worked maybe more like a private school, would that make making hip-hop more appealing? I don’t just stick to one genre of music. When you were talking about EDM being a private school kind of, were you talking about yourself at all?


It’s the same, man. And then he so happened to use it and put it on this. They used to before. They pick and choose who they accept in the EDM world. No hip-hop, no nothing. At least take her somewhere! ecit

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I just kind of just say little things here and there, but when it comes out, finally, and I got the best songs on the album My sets are like an hour-and-a-half.

You know, practice my social skills, cause I can’t be on no TV show or nothing like that. And so I guess that’s what I mean by is it because of the money. I mean, probably a couple years ago, when I was working with Cam.

J Dilla – Vol. 2: Vintage (FULL ALBUM)

It’s like, about Number 5 on the dance charts. Each song, I want to have it be its own.

Now I just go. Work in one place? Im still learning to take care of my mental health Mark Ronson nervous about confronting divorce on new album Geri Horner returns to redhead roots ahead of Spice Girls reunion tour Jason Aldeans baby recovering after health scare Moby stands by facts of dating Natalie Portman in his memoir Ellie Goulding grateful she didnt grow up with social media Rihanna has moved to London Ariana Grande and mum lead tributes to victims on Manchester attack anniversary Chrissy Teigen apologises after tweeting The Voice victory Natalie Portman denies dating creepy Moby as a teenager.


And that was the sound that pretty much got me into the EDM and stuff like that. It was like that video of you with Busta. I got some stuff definitely dropping soon. So at the time, I’m like, “Damn, I can’t perform for an hour!

j dilla circus homework edit

It’s getting a good response on the web and everything like that. So in going back to your agent, did your agent diilla of show you the way in terms of direction?

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Nah, nah, nah, nah, she came to a couple shows that were kind of local, but not a big, big, big festival yet. All this stuff is not new, I’ll tell you that.

I remember I had done the whole Cam’ron Gangsta Grillzall those tracks in a half hour. Yeah, it was crazy.

I definitely did have a couple movie script roles, but I’m not really into acting and stuff like that.