Press release — FAA boosts aviation safety with new pilot qualification standards. This project is the next step in solving the problems of human error in the literature. It may have been closer than we thought. The survey data used in the Mann Whitney U test is shown below. Decreasing the gap will result in improved operating safety for airlines and safer airline operating culture.

Retrieved November 15, , from Quality Progress: Overall, pilots tend to agree but not strongly agree that internal influence on pilot operating culture facilitates safety. The Mann-Whitney U test will be effective at evaluating the distribution of the two groups because it is a non-parametric test. All the teamwork in the world can not overcome a lack of skill or knowledge. A rejection of the null hypothesis means that there is a difference between the two groups and further investigation is warranted. The limited data suggest that this will best be accomplished by improving regulations, organizational policies and practices, in addition to pilot training and pilot discipline.

Student Capstone Project Results in Two Patentable Concepts

E-learning in aviation industry. The result of the test will yield a Z value which will be compared to the critical Z value to determine if the null hypothesis is accepted or rejected.

Pilots will be asked the degree to which FAA regulations, organizational culture, and pilot operating culture enhance or detract flying safety in the airlines. Pilots are asked to respond by selecting their level of agreement from the Likert rating scale, which will be discussed in detail below. Operations Research Pilot operating culture is also externally influenced by how the company and the FAA regard human factors science.


Capstone Project Erau

It shifts, evolves, and can be unpredictable, just like the humans that make it up. Systems integration is complex, yet crucial to the airline industry’s e-learning success. Help Center Find new prooject papers in: The first week for me was topic proposal, next was annotated biblio, a few to write, one to create the slide show and the last week to defend it.

Interpretation of findings Table of Figures 4.

Ensuring quick wrau of curriculum changes is paramount to keeping the trainings up to date. The additional benefits, such as RNAV procedures, reduced separation, reduced delays, and direct routings are benefits realized system-wide by both GA and air carriers. To examine the research hypothesis the individual survey question results will be examined for trends.

Ensuring quick approvals of curriculum changes is paramount to keeping the trainings up to date. Problem Mitigation In the airline industry, timeliness and accuracy are crucial to competitiveness.

Capstone Project Erau

Data sorted and ranked in Mann Whitney U test. Retrieved Aug 23,from Nextor: Retrievedfrom blackboard. Analysis of First Officer accident rates highlighting hours.

graduate capstone project erau

Crews needs shape attitudes about accepting human factors training into operating practice. Distance learning has been utilized in airline trainings related to security, communications, policies, passenger convenience, efficient on-time performance, and aeronautical decision-making Laskaris, Self-directed learning — a learning issue for students and faculty!


NextGen for general cspstone Clear objectives and straightforward content combined with an established relationship with the overseeing authority can help mitigate delays in course updates.

graduate capstone project erau

NextGen is a system-wide heart transplant that aims to increase efficiencies, capacity, and safety of the National Airspace System. Journal of Business Capetone Loss of efficiency, effectiveness, and compromised safety continue to result from poor airmanship and human error mishaps.

The core problem to this project, as stated in Program Outcome Four, was the synthesis of conclusions porject in the reviewed literature. A result of the Z value being equal to or greater than Z critical will result in an acceptance of the Null Hypothesis.

The effectiveness of e-Learning: Of these reports, only eight of the crewmembers had less than hours of flight experience FAA, This will be accomplished through a multi variable approach which includes human factors solutions, technology, and operating philosophies. Conclusion The long-term impacts of NextGen on General Aviation will prove positive as situational awareness and safety increase.

Systems integration and evaluation are crucial to successful implementation of distance learning. Decreasing the gap will result in improved operating safety for airlines and safer airline operating culture.