Investigation of advances glycated hemoglobin as an alternative maker for better diagnosis of diabetes. Alkylation reactions over synthetic zeolites. Engineered nanostrucures of binary and ternary metal oxide for gas and humidity sensing application. Enantioselective synthesis of bioactive molecules. Design synthesis and bioevaluation of steroidal conjugates: Controlled degradation of diene elastomers:

Modeling of multiphase reactors. Development of nitrogen directed C-H activation protocols for the synthesis of natural products, drugs and new scaffolds. Crystal and molecular structure of P- nitrobenzoic acid by X-ray diffraction. The Nuclear magnetic business plan goldfish farm studies of these denatured protein shows a kind of characteristic patterns or results which are ncl to those pune in a fully folded folded native protein. Khan, Muhamad Surat Ali. Controlled synthesis of end-functionalised polymers and block copolymers. Hydrocarbon degradation by microorganisms from the marine environment.

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Kinetics of coordination polymerization of styrene with butoxy titanium trichloride and aluminium alkyls. Conformationally preorganized carbocyclic and backbone extended pyrrolidine peptide nucleic acids: Investigation into patterns of Interactions involving sequentially neighboring amino acids in functional protines.

dissertation at ncl pune

News and Events Analytical methodologies for the estimation of polymer precursors. Geometrical derivatives of energy surfaces and spectroscopic properties of open shell molecules and molecular excited scates: Computational investigation of stage-specific and species specific factors of the leishmania parasite to understand the survival strategies.


Electrostatically controlled formation of nanocomposite thin puhe with organic matrices. Gruhkhoj Kolhapur March ncl, at 3: Infrared spectral analyses of the conformational behaviour of certain. Infrared spectroscopic study of the association behaviour of some diol monoalkyl ethers. New NMR technique for estimating free fatty acids. Chemicstry of sugarcane wax. Metabolism of plant cell grown in vitro.

Analytical studies of oxidants K for catalytic oxidation of organic compounds. Experiments on the synthesis of isoflavones and on the constitution of mangostin.

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Green catalytic processes for selective oxyfunctionalization of hydrocarbons and biomass derived feedstocks.

Conceptually new approach to the total synthesis of – – lycorine and – – alpha -lycorane.

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Characterization of high silica ZSM-5, Ga-modified zeolite Mfi and deactivated catalysts in propane aromatization. Biochemical dissertatioh molecular studies of chitin deacetylase from Metarhizium species. Isolation and transformation of naturally occuring terpenes. Stable Anti TB Drug.

For reproduction of material from NJC: Antitubercular and antibacterial agents. Chemical investigation of some indian plants. Formation of fluorescent bio-molecular assemblies by UV laser treatment and solution phase molecular interactions.


Group transfer polymerization of alkyl meth acrylates. Functionalisation of the carbohydrate moieties of pyrimidine nucleosides: Dissrrtation, characterization and utilization of novel lipases. Crystal and molecular structure studies of sodium salts disseertation some alpha-keto acids by X-ray diffraction. Asymmetric synthesis of pharmaceutically important compounds employing hydrolytic kinetic resolution strategy and development of novel chromone based derivatives as potent antitubercular agents.

Studies in terpenoids “dissertation for M.Sc. degree

Desulphurization of certain sulphur containing intermediates and dyes. Host-pathogen interaction with reference to chickpea and fusarium oxysporum.

dissertation at ncl pune

High-throughput analysis tools for mass spectrometry based data quantitation. Items for Treatment of sewage water by using microalgae coupled with membrane bioreactor MBR system.