If you continue without changing your settings, you agree to those cookies. Project builds fine after small changes in Twitter, TwitterRequest etc. I completed Lesson 01 with no problem. I tried some ways but nothing helps. These two buttons will set and get respectively a variable in the CalculatorBrain called M. Add an Undo button to your Calculator.

This site uses cookies! Page 1 Page 2 … Page 70 Next page. I’m creating a calculator app by following the CSp lectures just released for Swift. Lee Trent 43 1 The latest Fall session videos, lecture slides and assignments are available on iTunes U, and have become a popular way of learning to program for the platform. CSP Cassini code runs on simulator but crashes on device? How can I make my calculator add a Period in swift?

DrWhat 2 10 I added the code below that I thought was relevant How do member Initializers work in Structs?

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The only trick here is to provide versions of your icon in all the right sizes. I’m trying to draw squiggle in Set Card Game.

CSp fall assignment2 task2: This is from an exercise that involves building A little bit background on the project: An Chin 3 8. But when I tried it, accountsWithAccountType Double tap gesture function is being fired after 1 tap only on first tap, every other instance it requires 2 taps As of right now, when I run my program and tap, I am getting the println message after one tap.


The constraints for the Label No candidates produce the expected result I’ve looked at this answer, but since I am new to Swift and am following along code that should work from Stanford CS’s course, I’m a bit confused.

How properties stored and computed are accessed during instantiation? Touching M should setOperand variable: I got stuck on the task that asks me to restart the game.

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How does initializing UIView subclass properties affect superview’s center? Shawn Li 49 1 I’m watching Stanford’s csp lectures with iTunes U and the first demo has been a calculator.

Cannot assign to ‘parameters’ in ‘self’ error – from CSp Stanford Online Course I am currently working on the Smashtag application which can be downloaded here: I’m stuck on the first assignment and I hate moving forward without being able to solve something. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Tommy 15 1 4. You will need the following sizes: I’m having trouble understanding part of the code.


cs193p homework assignments

From this exact css193p of the video. If you continue without changing your settings, you agree to those cookies. In Lecture 1 of the tutorial the Same code snippet does not show any error.

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Start by adding a new label to your storyboard. Make sure your C button from Assignment 1 works properly in this assignment. Asadullah Ali 7 Geneva 6 Create a nice homewrok and add them by drag and drop to your assets.

cs193p homework assignments

The output is not even close to what I want. Please ignore the shading in “What I want” picture. You will need the following sizes:.