I have bound thousands of theses while working as a bookbinder at the University of Birmingham. Faq’s Your questions Contact Get in touch. He or she ensures that the viva is run properly and fairly, taking notes and helping where necessary to clarify misunderstandings. Colour Pages x 34p per page. The Hard Back binding on offer at Kall Kwik Birmingham is produced using 3mm covered boards with a matching metal binding strip to give a complete and professional book finish. This should be a member of staff who is not your supervisor or co-supervisor.

This will inform the Registry that you have officially submitted and you are just waiting for the hard-binding process to be completed. Take two copies of your thesis and your forms to the Print Me digital shop or use the online thesis binding page and they will bind your thesis for you for a slightly less modest charge – but it will look beautiful. Some supervisors essentially let the student choose; other supervisors choose examiners without consulting the student. The corrections must be final. Ceramics Make a perfect gift by printing your images onto various ceramic products.

Minor modifications are usually the correction of typographical errors and minor redrafting of obscure passages in your text.

Thesis binding at the University of Birmingham

The corrections must be final. Various paper and card stocks are available for this method to give your documents a professional finish.

We also offer hard binding which involves sending your thesis or file to our colleagues in London. If you are requring a one off bind and not a bulk order, these can be produced with a turn around time of 24 – 48 hours. For many years theses had to be printed on one side only of the paper, but that rule has now been repealed. You should receive a letter tgesis the University beforehand asking whether you wish to attend. Please call and speak to one of our experts for more details.


When you submit your corrected thesis you must also submit a separate document giving a brief description of how you have completed each modification.

Research Student Administration provides some sources of information which you should look at ninding bookmark now. I have bound thousands of theses while working as a bookbinder at the University of Birmingham.

Perfect Binding is a tgesis inexpensive binding solution. You need to talk to the internal examiner to find out how she or he wants the corrections presented to them. If your question or query is not here, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to answer.

Faq’s Your questions Contact Get in touch. Note especially the layout of your title-page bnding shown on page 5. Included in the print and binding costs as per university requirements. It can be used on a variety of printing projects because of its professional appearance and relatively low cost.

bham thesis binding

You will need to apply for an extension if you go beyond the time allowed. At the same time you can also get guidance on the procedure for submitting bindinb thesis electronically to Turnitin.

Where should I get my final thesis hardbound?

After you have handed in your theeis of Intention to Submit” formyour supervisor will receive a form on which to nominate your examiners and chairperson. The only exception to this is that after some major corrections, the examiners may ask for further minor corrections.


Graduation ceremonies “Degree Congregations” are held every July and December.

bham thesis binding

You must also give the School a copy of your thesis declaration form, in which you sign a declaration that the electronic copy submitted to Turnitin is an exact copy of the copies submitted for examination. You should complete these before you take tbesis thesis to the Bindery as they may need to be bound in your thesis.

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Turn around time for a perfect bound document is hours. Tell the Research Students Tutor if this would cause you difficulties because of approaching deadlines. There are provisions for approving before bhamm thesis is submitted a higher word limit in exceptional circumstances.

This will inform the Registry that you have officially submitted and you are just waiting for the hard-binding process to be completed.

Products What we sell? Most people prefer to be there in person though you don’t have to.

bham thesis binding

Normally ten working days. Perfect binding is commonly used for catalogues, manuals, brochures, and dissertations.

We can take a copy to the Registry on your behalf for a small delivery fee. We tailor each job to your specific requirements including large format printing up to A0 size.