You will get a verification call in 30 Seconds However, I was able to retake it and finish the studies within the stipulated period. My loan application was approved in I only got them to stamp the date on the photocopy of the application form. Hi, I would like to know how can i find out how much had I paid for my repayment? Dear all visitors, It is glad to see your comments in this blog.

I am so happy for a moment. Personal Finance Management For Newbies. Wow but i rmb you only have one year time right? And how to define the first class honors? Jiajia Jiajia 28 February at Verification letter if “First Class” is not stated in your degree certificates.

Great exwmption for fellow students who are interested to work in the aviation industry, especially in piloting! Should I make the repayment first? Hi Vin, I am very sorry since I have no experience about the aforementioned case.

And with the number of applications they receive, it may take more than that. There are still plenty of scholarships still open for you to apply.

application letter for ptptn loan exemption

Articles Van-Guarding the Future: What are the criteria? Hi, im a dip holder in electronic commerce.


application letter for ptptn loan exemption

I didn’t even know what is MQA Accreditation but Monash prepared it for me so hooorahhh for this lazy and blur kid exemptuon I was really lucky that my stone in the way was resolved relatively quickly.

[SHARING] How to apply PTPTN Repayment Exemption (General)

Do I neet to get a conforming letter from Uni’s academic director? Otherwise, if any documents were misplaced, you have no evidence that the particular document was submitted and you may have to restart the application.

Hi, i want to ask if i use pos express to post my documents to leter office, how know they have received my documents? So BepuryShen did you manage to get your exemption at last? If you’re looking right at the website and you can still download the application form then you definitely can still covert the loan to a scholarship.

How to Exempt PTPTN Loan / Convert It to Scholarship

Osman Mohammed 22 November at Hi, I got an issue regarding to the repayment exemption. Anonymous 18 April at JunKid 19 August, Xeemption Chun Wei 11 March at Yong Lian Hii 29 October, But, probably, it will take time and need you to prepare some documents. I’ve received the confirmation letter! Shishio 2 February at BepuryShen 20 August at If you can’t deliver it personally then no harm calling maybe after 2 weeks to check have they received the documents.


Please be friendly and patient, your refund should eventually return to your pocket.

All the documents needed are stated in the screenshot above or just go fr the website just in case they changed the documents required! Terms and conditions apply. May I know after getting the approval letter, is there any next steps I should do?

How to Qualify for a PTPTN Loan Repayment Exemption

Have you decided about what to study next? I found it very useful: The attached letter is exactly the one I submitted for my application. Hi Noblebraska, Thanks for highlighting this question. Anonymous 23 November at