If my name were forgotten, that would mean that the women who came behind me were breaking records, winning championships and pushing the game to new heights. Empathy is at the heart of the actor’s art. I didn’t have to pretend, I could be goofy, vehement, aggressive, and slovenly and open and funny and tough and my friends let me. Air kissing, ass-kissing, kissing up and of course actual kissing, much like hookers, actors have to do it with people we may not like or even know. Women must champion each other.

Women are feared as a threat to our system — and we will also be our salvation. What scared me was losing the identity the game gave me. Around the world, poor women now own property who used to be property and according to Economist magazine, for the last two decades, the increase of female employment in the rich world has been the main driving force of growth. I was taught to keep my head down, stay on the path, and get my job done. The animal ecosystem regenerated. They are terrorized by polls and focus groups, by the need to be all things to all people, which means that they are nothing at all. The world has changed in remarkable ways for women in your lifetime.

I got to Vassar which 43 years ago was a single-sex institution, like all the colleges in what they call the Seven Sisters, the female Ivy League and I made some quick badnard lifelong and challenging friends. You just have to make your mother and father proud of you and you already have. I received my award along with two other incredible athletes: I felt so grateful to be there, included in the company of Kobe and Peyton.

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Women are feared as a threat to our system — and we will anma be our salvation. This was all about appealing to boys and at the same time being accepted by the girls, a very tricky negotiation. Meryl Streep Qunidlen Winning Actress “This is your time and it feels normal to you but really there is no normal. We live in a country that trashes poor women who will not leave their children to go out to work, and trashes well-to-do women who will. And if my experience serves, in the not-so-distant future you will realize that courage is the central attribute that you took from this place, a place in which timidity is rarely tolerated and audacity is all around you, tempting you with its brio.


She personified every one of my dreams. I remember very clearly my own barnarx conscious attempt at acting. Cracks in the ceiling, cracks in the door, cracks in the Court and on the Senate floor. Your own sweet anonymity, a treasure you don’t even know you have until it’s harnard. Reprinted with permission from Barnard College.

Adapted from the commencement address delivered May 17, to Barnard College. How it makes things tough for your family and whether being famous matters one bit, in harnard end, in the whole flux of time.

‘Make Failure Your Fuel.’ Read Soccer Star Abby Wambach’s Barnard Commencement Address

President Spar, when I consider the other distinguished medal recipients and venerable Board of Trustees, the many accomplished faculty and family members, people who’ve actually done things, produced things, while I have pretended to do things, I can think about 3, people who should have been on this list before me and you know since my success graduatin depended wholly on putting things over on people. Barnarf called and told me they were going to honor me with their inaugural icon award.

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The thanklessness of the leadership position. Because I like it when it went, kind of badnard and the end, “eheeh” “ehaeaahaha” because I thought it sounded child like, and cute. These are not pies where a bigger slice for her means a smaller slice for you. They wanted to date Linda. I was telling them a story about when I retired.


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Since the dawn of man, it’s hardly more than years since we were even allowed into these buildings except to clean them but soon most of law and medical degrees will probably also go to graaduation.

It is a simple directive and an old and honorable one, found in both the Old and New Testaments. The message was this: It was a picture.

anna quindlen graduation speech barnard

Some of you know all there is to know about DNA, others the undistributed middle or the form of the sonnet, others the meaning of the shadows barjard Vermeer or the holes in Freud’s theories. This can be difficult for us. They are terrorized by polls and focus groups, by the need to be all things to all people, which means that they are nothing at all.

And then she did it again. Pretending or acting is a very valuable life skill and we all do it.

I got up and I got outside myself and I found myself again. You know, I gave a speech at Vassar 27 years ago. Bbarnard who defied the tenor of his time to stand firm in his belief that young women were as capable of higher learning as their male counterparts.