Continuous Registration is required for Doctoral students. A thesis or dissertation must be submitted by the deadline for each semester to be awarded a degree in that semester. A current roster of the graduate faculty is posted here. The student must also have maintained a 3. Online Submission of Thesis or Dissertation Theses and dissertations can be submitted online at http:

Diplomas After verifying that all requirements have been met, the degree or certificate can be awarded. As part of a regular course in which case no discrete credit is given for the alternate plan paper; As part of an internship or practicum in which case the experiences are cataloged, evaluated and presented in written form as an alternate plan paper; or As one or two credits earned in the course entitled “Alternate Plan Paper Research. Postcards and Brochures typically for art and music students. All such research, whether or not federally funded, shall be reviewed in accordance with federal regulations requiring review at the institutional level. Submit an Application for Graduation early in the intended semester of graduating. If a discrepancy regarding margins exists between a specific manual of style and these guidelines, the student should follow the guidelines specified below.

Complete the capstone, i. Preparing to Graduate Two forms must be submitted by all graduate students to the Graduate Studies Office in order to have a degree awarded. A 12—point print size is recommended, with a font that is clear and easy to read. Margins and page number placement should be as follows. A maximum of six thesis credits can be tnesis to a graduate program.

A thesis or dissertation must be submitted by the deadline for each semester to be awarded a degree in that semester. No particular typescript is required. A completed Human Participants Research Form must be submitted and thesiz prior to data collection.


Alternate Plan Paper The student may follow an alternate plan in programs where such an option is available. Guideliines involving research on human participants require Institutional Review Board IRB approval prior to data collection and thesis proposal approval. American Psychological Association Whatever style is used, it must be used consistently throughout the entire document.

Thesis Proposal Guideline

The vote on whether a student has passed or failed the oral examination shall be conducted with only the committee members present. The thesis is oriented more toward original research, data gathering with statistical analysis, theory testing and theory building, whereas the alternate plan paper involves the usage of secondary research sources.

The student arranges the time and place after consulting the examining committee who conducts the examination. The student must also have maintained a 3. The candidate should include the following Thesis Proposal requirements for their graduate committee to review and approve as a first step in meeting the thesis requirement.

Students should familiarize themselves with the appropriate style manual prior to beginning their research. Degrees will be posted to students’ transcripts as soon as possible after the end of each semester. Official transcripts can be ordered at this site. If the research involves human subjects, the student must obtain approval from the Institutional Review Board.

Minnesota Guidelinss University, Mankato policy requires adequate protection for human participants involved in research.

mnsu thesis guidelines

All graduate programs must include a minimum of one research methods or statistics course of at least two credits. Any thesis that is not text-based for example, an art portfolio or a computer software project should be accompanied by documents that evaluate the process and outcome of the project influences, methodology, program notes etc.


Graduate College and Program Requirements

A Graduate Committee supervises a student’s program and the completion of the capstone experience. Research involving human participants requires IRB approval prior to data collection. With the exception of appendices, the same font and print size must be used throughout the paper. The Completed Project Package: Graduate Enrollment Policy Graduate students must register for at least one graduate credit during the semester that they plan to graduate.

All work for a master’s degree, a certificate, or a specialist degree must be completed within a six-year period. No corrections with pen or pencil are acceptable. See Format and Style Guidelines for additional information concerning the dissertation or master’s thesis. For further information on this option, consult the appropriate program graduate coordinator. All submitted materials must meet the approved manual of style for the student’s program.

mnsu thesis guidelines

A current roster of the graduate faculty is posted here Register for at least one graduate credit during the semester of completing the program. Students preparing a thesis or jnsu must work closely with their advisor and other examining committee members at all stages of development.

They can be a slightly smaller font, but still readable. Be specific as to what will accompany the final report.