The language of instruction is noted for each course in the course catalogue. Language of instruction The language of instruction at Bachelor level is German only in the fifth and sixth semester certain courses are taught in English. The election to the NAE is among the highest professional distinctions accorded to an engineer. The training must be completed, at the latest, before submitting the request for the Bachelor’s Degree. Congratulation on your Master awards!

Further details regarding the placement can be found here. Now, ETH researchers have developed an approach that allows the efficient removal of these problematic substances. The latest date of registration on myStudies is one month after start. D-MAVT has defined the following procedure and documents for decisions in the Department Conference about an external thesis:. With this prize the Swiss Zonta Clubs honor women for their achievements in the scientific and technical field. A student, a doctoral student and a professor of D-MAVT explain how a sustainable teaching project emerged from the ETH initiative to reduce air travel. Not one… but two ETH-Zurich spin-offs managed to convince the judging panel from the venture kick initiative and win an advancement award of CHF ,

Christofer Hierold, participates in the following Bachelor Focus. Digitalswitzerland has elected the most influential Swiss citizens in the area of digitalization, the Digital Shapers Focus Projects start in the Fall Semester. The presentation date and report deadline have to be arranged in this meeting.


Bacheelor total, 5 Engineering Tool-courses must be completed.

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The supervisor establishes the conditions for the Bachelor’s Thesis. Not one… but two ETH-Zurich spin-offs managed to convince the judging panel from the venture kick initiative and win an advancement award of CHFOpen all Close all.

Your task would be to investigate the correlations of flicker noise for a CNT and develop new signal processing schemes, which achieves an improved signal to noise ratio. Examinations on the compulsory courses are held for the first time in the so-called first year examinations during the examination period at the end of the second semester.

In the 5th and 6th semester, the students may choose among the Engineering Tools-courses that are marked as IV and V. A list of projects is published on the homepage of institutes and laboratories. The Electives of the current semester are published in the Course Catalogue: Find more jobs, internships or summer schools on our notice board.

Open all Close all. Congratulation on your Master awards! Professor Margarita Chli was awarded the Prix Zonta for her research on machine vision.

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Focus Project 14 credit points Courses, individually defined by the project coordinator 6 credit points Requirements: The Engineering-Tool-courses offered per semester can be found in the Course Catalogue. Contact persons and a list of study topics is to be found here. The reasons etj the doctoral thesis should be pursued outside ETH and in the company.


eth bachelor thesis mavt

If possible, the supervisor attends the Department Conference in order to answer potential questions. The language of instruction is noted for each course in the course catalogue.

Electives increase theoretical and methodological aspects of fundamental knowledge.

eth bachelor thesis mavt

Homepage Navigation Content Sitemap Search. Lino Guzzella and Prof. Bi-metallic ferritin for targeted SWNT synthesis. Determination of bundles and individual SWNT as well as their chiral indices and quality.

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Former and emeritus professors. The Master level is taught in English. Homepage Navigation Content Sitemap Search. Nanotechnology for better visibility A new coating developed by ETH researchers prevents fogging on transparent surfaces. The Department Conference decides about approval, rejection or postponement of the request.

eth bachelor thesis mavt

Additional compulsory courses during the program Additional compulsory courses are assessed through examination blocks which are held during examination sessions.

Bacyelor than using electricity, the coating relies on sunlight to heat the surface.