This may seem not so important but then it might be. It is also proving everyday to one and all that we can either live a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, accepting, secular nation or live tortured, repressed and terrorized by multiple insecure definitions of faith, nationalism as a de-facto dictatorship. She was the one who played a major role in setting up Muhajrs in new country. Retrieved 31 December But, there were forces against that idea, and they ensured that her voice was suppressed through various means, even literally, as explained below.

We do call her “Mader-e-millat” for some reason. These proceedings have never been revealed to the nation. One particular issue in this report made me ask a question. I was born in and before this article I did not have any idea about assassination of Mrs. Fatima Jinnah was one of the most respected women in history. People of East Pakistan had little emotional attachment with M. Miss Fatima Jinnah had expressed it while she was alive that after her death she be buried next to her brother.

Thank You for sharing. She remained the closest confidant of her brother until his death.

Tasveeri Kahani Silsila: Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah

Socialize fwtima 0 0 0. Jinnah, Pakistan and Islamic Identity: So what you are saying is that,murder should not be inquired? They cannot protect schoolchildren going to their own school, they cannot protect the ordinary citizens. The root cause of corruption and all these political problems is not anything else but citizens lacking self respect and character.


essay on mohtarma fatima jinnah

May Allah rest her soul in peace. The Army have acted as dictators.

essay on mohtarma fatima jinnah

Therefore, the date on the individual story should be considered the correct one. I had a chance to see her closely till I was about 23 yrs of age. Fatima Jinnah also passed the Senior Cambridge exams in and she had a good command in English communication.

Fatima Jinnah the Mother of Nation great personality Pakistan

Baloch i m neither an admirer of late Ms. We had been prone to our internal politics since the inception. Qudrat Ullah Shahab, played important role to get these pages removed.

Fatima, acted as a loving, loyal, and life-long companion to her great brother during the most stormy period of his life. During her funeral, no common man was allowed to go near her dead body. The opposition lobby mohtarmma that Miss Jinnah would sweep the elections. Then she took part in the Pakistani presidential election against the military Dictator Ayub Khan. Fatima Jinnah was died at the age of 73 in 9 th July in Karachi Pakistan by heart failure.


She accompanied her brother to every public appearance that he made.

Why a sick Jinha was sent by an old ambulance for hospital. Dentistdental surgeon.

In other projects Wikiquote Wikisource. Jinnah could never win the elections in Pakistan. Her campaign generated tremendous public enthusiasm.

The unrest during her funeral is a question to which answers are yet to be found. Let me repeat again I’m glad you wrote this.

Any nation has a right to know minnah its history. May 21, Opposition protest THE opposition has gathered on one platform and the power maps are out one more time.

Tasveeri Kahani Silsila: Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah

Thank you for this article. There are many realities hidden from the sight of Pakistanies. The importance of this election lay in the fact that a woman was contesting the highest political office of the country. This is secret murder cospracy by the government.