Despite all these efforts to promote the welfare of women, one has to admit that even now women in India are not treated with dignity. Archived from the original on 24 March The day was chosen to spread the importance of the constitution and to spread thoughts and ideas of Ambedkar. Sentiments must be outlawed from the domain of science and things should be judge from objective standpoint. According to Arvind Sharma , Ambedkar noticed certain flaws in the Aryan invasion theory that were later acknowledged by western scholarship. But, the people were not only the slaves of the British but also were the slaves of all the evil practices that existed in the society.

Archived from the original on 18 August He tried to enter Lok Sabha again in the by-election of from Bhandara , but he placed third the Congress Party won. Retrieved 2 August Abdul Kalam M. According to Mahatma Gandhi, untouchability is the hate fullest expression of caste.

essay on dr br ambedkar social reformer in 2000 words

Retrieved 10 October These material benefits helped her gain further support of the dalits. It has not only geographical unity of its culture but it has over and above all a esway and much more fundamental unity, but it has over and be all a deeper and much more fundamental unity the indubitable cultural unity that covers the land from end to end.

Retrieved 15 April He said that all men are equal in all matters.

essay on dr br ambedkar social reformer in 2000 words

It perpetuates exploitation of the economically weaker and socially inferior caste. The Hindu can derive no such strength.


B. R. Ambedkar

Ambedkar, throughout his life fought against the social evils, the draft of the Hindu code bill was one such example, whose purpose was to consolidate the scattered Erformer beliefs in the matter of personal laws and bring reformation, which attracted huge criticisms from orthodox conservative mass.

He framed our Indian constitution in order to give equal rights for the downtrodden people. While wkrds Constitution was being drafted by the Constituent Assembly there was a lot of influence in the equality of rights for the schedule castes and schedule tribes discussed.

A Part That Parted”.

When the Aryans arrived in India their main contact was with the Dravidians and Austroloids. Archived from the original on 1 November Inthe Bharat RatnaIndia’s highest civilian award, was posthumously conferred upon Ambedkar.

Ambedkar International Award wirds, Dr. Ambedkar considered converting to Sikhismwhich encouraged opposition to oppression and so appealed to leaders of scheduled castes. To remember this great man, Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated all across the country especially by the one who follow him.


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Due to the caste system several evil prevails in rsformer society. Ambedkar on the other hand, wanted the untouchables to achieve equal rights in all spheres of life. When the Muslim League rescued Ambedkar from the ‘dustbin of history ‘ “. The different Varnas were created from different part of his bodies. Bahishkrit Hitakarini Sabha was the first organized attempt from his side to refotmer the untouchables. He raised his voice against this social injustice.


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Leadership essay on spring season in ecosystems constitution was celebrated at the 8, jawaharlal nehru, was one of dr. Views Read View source View history. Archived from the original on 30 July Essat respect is the most vital factor in life, with it men is a mere cipher. Archived PDF from the original on 2 November For eradicating the problems of caste system many steps were taken by various leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Jyotiba Phule and the most significant role was played by Dr.

As Gujarat’s refor,er march nears tryst, an assertive Dalit culture spreads”. Modern Buddhist writers 19th century to date. The skin color was an important factor in the caste system.

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Sy essay on the things. Also he was first from his caste to get college education in India, as untouchables essay not allowed to get education, they were not allowed to worship in temples, they were not allowed to drink water from the source that was used by upper caste people etc. The condition of women started deteriorating through sexual responsible for the degradation of women in India.

In his work Who Were the Shudras?

In order to frame constitution, new Council Board for framing our constitution was organised.