Most of the women mainly say that being a women means you can be whatever you want to be. Men Bully other men to be perceived as tough. This site uses cookies. Ethos is defined by his experience dealing with the issues men face with their masculinity. Kimmel emphasizes the point that men must avoid feminine characteristics to be considered socially acceptable and not be perceived as gay. You are commenting using your Twitter account. View all posts by laurenkancigor.

Notify me of new comments via email. He explains that in men’s eyes, women have almost no place on the social ladder so it is useless for a man to be defined by a woman. This site uses cookies. He also claims that women don’t play a role within the code and the guy code causes social and psychological problems for boys and young men. It’s easy to think the majority of guys are just assholes but now I have a better understanding why they act they way they do.

While reading this I thought that was ridiculous, a three year old is going to cry, especially if he gets hurt.

bros before hoes michael kimmel essay

Kimmel emphasizes the point that men must avoid feminine characteristics to be considered socially acceptable and not be perceived as gay. The article was part of a book he wrote inwritten about men ages sixteen to twenty six and directed towards anyone interested in gender and how it relates to masculinity and men.

Kimmel is a sociologist, he has written or edited more than a dozen books on men and masculinity as well as editing the journal Men and Masculinity.

Many males have homophobia, and males who dare go outside the traditional norms of masculinity are seen as weak and are shunned for it. First, men need to hide their emotions in order to be perceived as masculine and how this suppression can lead kimmeo depression.


One guy said ‘I’d probably pull a columbine. It causes them to grow up thinking that showing emotion is never ok, which in the long term makes it complicated to grow healthy relationships michaell others in life.

I believe the intended audience is mostly young men, but also women because it gives great reasoning and examples about men’s actions.

“‘Bros Before Hoes’: The Guy Code”

He uses example of young men who coaches, dads, brothers, and friends have ridiculed them for showing any kind of emotion other then angry. Two news outlet sources that support the two topics explored are: The author, Kimmel, does not use any faulty reasoning within this essay because he backs everything up with personal experiences that he and others have had. You are commenting using your Google account.

By these men’s responses it seems quite obvious that men are afraid of what befor men will think and how they would react. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Posted by AmberP at 3: Men are scared of what other men will say or think about them regardless of the situation, the guy code actually causes more harm than good to these young men.

Newer Post Older Post Home. And second, men must conform to a manly image in order to avoid homophobia, and this can lead to bullying others and violent behavior.

Boys don’t cry, 2. This has impacted these young boys later on in their lives and as a result they have a higher chance of becoming depressed, having violent behavior, etc. Kimmel first uses exemplification to explain what the guy code is all about. This site uses cookies. Masculine images typically convey power, strength, virility, athleticism, and competitiveness.


The boy code is no different then the guy code, it just starts at a younger age and teaches men to grow distant from their mothers, in order to grow up to be a man. Men must live up to the American standard of masculinity in order to fit in and not be shunned by society.

“Bros Before Hos”: The Guy Code – What Does It Mean To Be A Man?

Your use of statistics and factual evidence as support. You are commenting using your Google account. Kimmel provides wonderful examples and I personally believe the statements he got from some of his male students added a lot of power and proved his point very well. Men may lash out instead of restraining themselves and confront violence with violence rather than show emotion or softness. They will rarely show kindness or any form of compassion.

bros before hoes michael kimmel essay

The second scholarly source supports mihael idea that men must not be to effeminate or they will be labeled as gay. The Guy Code is a wonderful analysis explaining Michael Kimmels views on the pressures guys are put under to act a certain way. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

I really enjoyed reading this story, it actually opened my eyes to the pressures guys are under. When a man has a baby boy, he raises that boy to be masculine and follow all of these unsaid rules.